Agneta Spångberg | One-of-a-Kind Objects

One-of-a-Kind Objects

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  • Agneta Spångberg

  • Treasure Chests – for the exhibition “Gold in Art” at Borgholm Castle, I made two 2.1 meter treasure chests in the form of an urn. One of the treasure chests was composed of golden pearls, the other of golden coins. The materials used include steel, earthenware clay, gold luster, screen prints and decals.


  • Three Beautiful Women – an homage to three strong, beautiful women from different eras. Princess Ingrid of Sweden, Elizabeth Taylor and my mother Anna Lisa in her youth. Exhibited at the 2011 solo exhibition “Cocktail Couture” at Sofiero Castle in Helsingborg, Sweden. Height 60 cm.


  • Conversation Pieces – a tribute to functional art. Pitchers exhibited at “Cocktail Couture” at Sofiero Castle. Height 50 cm.


  • Monumental Vessel – Rosendal’s Garden, Stockholm. Created as part of the 1998 European Capital of Culture year in Stockholm.


  • Gracilis Flower Table – a collaboration with landscape architect Ulf Nordfjell for Nordfjell Collection Indoor. A series of one-of-a-kind table tops in glazed earthenware.