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Prize Objects

  • 01 Maj

  • Agneta Spångberg

  • The Arena for Growth Prize to the Growth Municipality of the Year – commissioned by the Swedish organisation Arena for Growth to make each year’s prize object to the Growth Municipality of the Year, I created a form on the basis of concepts such as “expansion”, “communication”, “networking” and “optimism”. The form is open and exhibits a rising curve inspired by the wavelike motion in Arena for Growth’s logotype. The exterior is covered by thrown pieces with images, symbols and words referring to the award-winning municipality. The exterior pieces can be seen as a network or co-operation jointly forming a whole. The base form is the same for every year’s prize object, however, the exterior colours and imagery vary with respect to the award-winning municipality in question. In that way, every year’s prize object is unique. In 2013, Arena for Growth awarded the prize to the City of Stockholm. The prize has later been awarded to the municipalities of Sundbyberg (2014), Luleå (2015) and Helsingborg (2016).


  • The City of Stockholm Prize to the Bronett Brothers’ “Circus Princess” – the “Circus Princess” was an international competition for female circus artists, held annually in Stockholm. I created the City of Stockholm’s prize object from 1998 – 2002. The object was made in a vase form with golden crowns and blue and white-striped handles.


  • The Jury Prize and the Audience Prize, 2010 Great Garden Festival at Sofiero Castle, Helsingborg, Sweden – the square tile objects were awarded to the best garden at the annual festival.